Peace of mind is so often found on the other side fear, and it is the same when involved a legal dispute.  Legal disputes are some of the most difficult things people experience in life.  I see it as my duty to help you through your legal fears, and to help you find your peace of mind.  Whether you are criminally charged or going through a divorce, it is my personal goal to grant you as much peace of mind through the legal process, by helping you to understand your case, the legal process, and to fight as hard I can each step of the way.

About Me: 

I attended the University of Utah where I graduated with a degree in Economics and Sociology.  I then obtained a law degree from the University of Oregon, with a study focus in criminal law and litigation.  I am native to Salt Lake City.  I come from large family, with myself as the middle of seven brothers.  I love fishing, camping, boating, snowmobiling, hiking, or anything that gets me outdoors.  On a fall Saturday, there is not much better than being in the stands at a football game.  I love good food, if you know of good Italian or Mexican restaurants, you need to let me know!

I previously worked for the Public Defender’s Office in Eugene, Oregon, which gave me the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours in a courtroom and the opportunity to defend a spectrum of cases. I had the opportunity to do extensive research into Constitutional protections. I have always strived to understand the law to protect my clients.  Now and always, I will look at all avenues in your case to advocate for your best outcome.

Criminal Law

I went to law school because I love liberty.  I desire to protect liberty from those, even the well-intentioned, from chipping away at it. I love personal privacy, as we should all feel free to be secure in our person and to enjoy our lives as we see fit.  I understand that while policing is important, that our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures must be protected.

Additionally, Police Officers and Prosecutors are accustomed to using fear tactics against those facing charges.  Fear makes their job easier because those facing charges end up do their job for the prosecution, and may enter unfavorable plea deals.  Don’t succumb to their fear tactics, call today and find out how we can fight back.  I want justice for you.

Experienced in:

Driving Under the Influence Cases
Unlawful Possession Cases
Juvenile Cases
Domestic Violence Cases
Disorderly Conduct Cases
Appeals Cases
And Much More...


Family law is like any other area of law because of the nature of the disputes.  Many people set off through divorce by themselves, but all too often this is how people agree to unfavorable terms and later find themselves in destitute situations after divorce.  It is worth your time to consult an attorney.

Family law disputes can feel like losing hold of all that you hold dear, you might be facing losing your family, your home, your livelihood.  Your world might be upside down right now, but I went to get you back right side up.  Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked as a family law paralegal. I have been in the courtroom and worked on many cases that have resulted in favorable outcomes for clients.  There are so many avenues that can be taken, and if you have questions we are here to help, call today.

Experienced in:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Termination of Parental Rights
Protective and Restraining Orders Type your paragraph here.

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U.S. District Court of Utah


J.D., University of Oregon School of Law.

Attorney, Daniel J. Briggs.